Retrit in Shaolin 2 2016

Retrit in Shaolin 2
At night, when I was breathing the navel and plunged into a deep meditation, was the dragon of time. He always comes when we begin to practice the exercise Bi Gu Shi Chi.
Master connects us to the flow of transcendental energy that permeates the entire universe and we are on time, dropped out of the ordinary earthly passage of time.
dragon of time

Photo: Dragon of Time
(He really wanted to manifest in our world on paper, I had to postpone everything and draw)

Time inevitably plunges into a very unpleasant thought of old age, death. It is subordinated to the flow of people and their people obediently follow him. This is one of the mechanisms of management and control over the world of people, on their consciousness.
Studying imaginative thinking, we try to go beyond the conventional notions of time. We teach you how to manage it.

Master of Bi Gu Shi Chi

Scientists have explored the area around the navel and have proved that the zone functions like a second brain.From physiology we know that when a baby is carried in the womb, it is through the navel gets all the nutrients. After the birth of the stomach loses functions. Repetition of this exercise many times feature regenerates the navel, he began working as an embryo. If abstain from food for two weeks, stomach begins to take nutrients from the environment. After 7 days practices, blood sugar decreases, blood pressure normalizes, weight loss occurs automatically, and there are many additional useful phenomena. After 10 days of classes the spiritual master comes and starts to teach you directly. It is in good condition, allowing you to quickly develop spiritually and energetically, and change their physical body. During this exercise, we are helping the body.

About time and space, pause and success from Master.

We need to understand two things: time and space. Time is not included in the structure of the universe. In other worlds, time flows differently than in our world. Time is a relative category, and varies from world to world. Different worlds have different time flow rate.
In some worlds, it takes several seconds, and we have many years. People appreciate the time flow speed on changes. We feel the change, but not the speed of the flow of time. When we are on the earth, we feel the speed of movement of a passing train, and when we are inside the train , we don’t feel. Time is the main factor of life. Also it plays an important role and dimension of space. If we are in a 3-dimensional world, it is very difficult to understand what the 2-dimensional space.

If you learn to manage time, that is associated with our age, and apply this process creative, you will live forever, that is your final wish realized: immortality. Ordinary people have no opportunity to change the time. And in spiritual practice we can feel how it can be changed, and what our time is different from time to time in other worlds.
Photo: Guan Yin subdue the Dragon of Time

Catching up on stage 5 we know the truth. We just find that there’s no time and no space! Therefore, it is not necessary to be upset about the death and old age. No space, no time, anyone can be anywhere. You create the space for yourself. Do you want a house - get a house. It is said that the universe is expanding. Perhaps this is because high-level showers generate more space, just as people build more houses.
All wars are fought for space. It can not be divided. If we are able to share the space, the war is stoping. The can help us in this. It is necessary to calm down and wait that somewhere there will the void space and then it will be possible to take this. For example, you like the White House, but Obama is not share this space . That is not impossible. Someday White House will be empty and then we will be able to enter. But we need knew the conditions of living and to prepare for this moment.

In the universe the time is moving in one direction continuously. You can buy a lot of things, such as air, but time we can not be bought. Probably, sometime later, we will sell time, if someone invents a way to do this.
For example, to send a man into another world, and then return. It takes a few hours for him, but the people lived of 100 years in the world. If we understand what this time is , we will be able to manage it. The time has this nature: it is one at all, we share its in contrast to the space.
You can also allocate their own time for different things: meditation, work, etc. If you are using this time principle, you will have a lot of time and you will see how you can all improve.

In life you need to learn to manage your time well. Many people are always busy, but many of the actions do not bring any result. There are people who are not collected. They was looked there about something then they thought and consequently wasted time and lost qi.

Who is a successful man? This is the one who is moving faster than others over the interval of time. Your speed exceeds the speed of the other, because you could to understand for the same length of time more than others. If you know a little more, you are successful. You are ahead of them. If you become a leader, you need to know exactly how to manage time.

The result of spiritual practice is also used in social life. Wealth depends on us, it will earn money easily. When you have billions of dollars, but you can not use them because they are in the business it’s poverty. And we have the opportunity, when you will need you’ll have. Wealth does not mean possession but it means management or using. If we go into another world, we can not to withdraw money, to take them with self, but accurately we can enjoy the ability to control .

Do not complain about the government. You can get everything in any system, if we entering in the pause.

Then successful people, leaders are meeting challenges they don’t fight and don’t cry. They are very quiet. Their mind is in pause. They are meditating to get out of this situation. This is a reason because they jump up of the low position. We must develop the power of the mind for this method. The strength of mind is increased by the practice of middle dantyan.

Happiness also depends on us.
Pause will help us to understand what is the soul and the other worlds. If we can control the ego, we can easily get a pause. If the pause lasts a few hours, you will get out of the body. You will see a lot in the cosmos of stars and planets. Think: I need to come back! When you come back, you may find that it has been more than 4 hours, but it seemed you did not have 10 minutes. Perhaps there you will meet spiritual teachers.

One monk wrote a book about his pause that lasted 6 years.
It was in China during the Cultural Revolution, when the monastery was closed. The monk practiced and behind him came another young monk, and called for him. He hid him in a cave where the monk was a pause. And then he saw that the one who brought him into the cave for meditation was Guanyin. After a while the monk says I need to go back to visit the monastery. He came to the place where the monastery was, and saw that it was destroyed. He met a friend, and he was surprised and said: Do not you die, because last 6 years you lost. Monk thought that he wasn’t a few days, but on Earth passed years.
Photo: monk

You become wiser in the pause. The words are very difficult to describe something that can include an image. The image may include a plurality of information systems of perception, so in all the monasteries are a lot of images, sculptures and drawings. You have linger in front of the images for their study into the temples. Don’t behave like tourists.

If you feel like a part of the signal comes in your body, stay in this place. The statues, images, architecture can teach you. If you see a third eye, take it in myself. This image will take effect in your body. And your eyes will be opened.

There is the so-called pineal gland in the brain. If this area is red, so people can easily see the images and diagnose by the method of image Medicine. If the soul leaves, for her vision don’t need any organs of the physical body.

From the outside the image of the Master can be taken through the center channel or through the channel on the back. When the image gets into the nervous system, there is a feeling as an electric discharge runs on the back.

Photo: Cemetery monks

Pagoda is a burial place of monks. In the past many of them have left the Earth. The practitioner came in the state Pause, his soul came out, and the body remained incorrupt. The soul and the body continued and remain connected with each other power cord. If the need arises monk, his soul may at any time to return to his body.

It can not be called Death. This is kind of action then the soul, the spirit make a transition from one form of life on earth to the other. The spirit, the soul of such a practitioner are become a full-fledged citizen of the universe

This practice has many thousands of years.
Taoists sought the golden ball in the lower Dantian for purpose to learn to leave the body in life.

Damo is considered the founder of Zen Buddhism system. He died, and then he rose again by appearing to his disciples

Photo: Inside the pagoda near the monastery Jung Tai Chi

This pagoda has 12 levels, tiers. Entrance to the pagoda is opened. When you come into, you feel smooth cool temperatures. Even in very hot weather, there is remain a comfortable temperature for the body by staying in a long pause.

The unique phenomenon of the incorruptible body: the body in the photo belonged to Lama Dasha DorzhoItigelovu, the head of the Buddhist Church of Russia from 1911 to 1917. In 1927, Lama asked to read him a prayer for the dying, and when the brothers refused, he sat in meditation pose and recited the prayer itself. In this position, he bequeathed the land to give themselves to the traditional cemetery, but in a special way: in a box. Lama also bequeathed after several decades to remove his body from the grave

Photo: Buddhist monk Itigelov

On opening the box in 2002, scientists were convinced that the more than 70 years, the monk’s body was incorrupt. Doctors have found that the skin and tissue remained soft, internal organs are palpable, and even joints are bent. The body can be kept indefinitely by subject to certain conditions, and its protein composition corresponds to the state of a living person.

This is not a mummy! Modern Lama treats this condition as a message without words, that people may think about the meaning of life and their abilities.

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