ZY Qigong Teaching Art. Level 1, Xu Mingtang. June 18-19, 2022

ZY Qigong Teaching Art. Level 1, Xu Mingtang. June 18-19, 2022

Online seminar «ZY Qigong Teaching Art». Level one, Xu Mingtang. June 18-19, 2022

Languages: English, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Slovak, German, French, Russian

The online seminar will be held on zoom and YouTube in English with simultaneous translation and recording of classes in Hungarian, Slovak, Ukrainian, Russian, German and French.

Somebody has language talent from childhood. But never tried to give seminars. Now you have chance!
Teaching is easy, teaching well is hard.
Teaching is an art. It will bring you joy!
The process of teaching is also the process of learning!
In order to teach well, you must know more and gain your own experience!
ZY Qigong is spread in 67 countries in the world, and there is an urgent need for teachers!

In this online seminar we will teach the following:

  • Train to teach the first level of ZY Qigong by the method of “Knowledge Transplantation”
  • Combine with exercises to explain the “eight principles of ZYQ” for successful spiritual practice
  • In-depth analysis of all the exercises of ZY Qigong level one
  • Teaching tips to engage students
  • Demonstration techniques to conquer trainees
  • Mantra and handprints to protect students
  • Apply standard animation videos, allowing you to easily show posture and mind in teaching!
  • Through teaching, you can deepen your understanding of cultivation and improve your cultivation level.

Let your ZY Qigong teaching all over the world!


  • Classes for everyone
  • Those who want to be a ZY Qigong teacher,
  • Those who want to improve the teaching level,
  • Those who want to deepen spiritual practice.

Applicants who apply for the International Teacher Certificate must have studied ZY Qigong Level one. Those who pass the examination will be issued ZY Qigong Level one International Teaching Certificate.

Seminar Schedule:
Saturday and Sunday (GMT-4, Miami time)
8:00 - 11:00
12:00 – 14:00

Saturday and Sunday (GMT+3, Moscow time)


  • Course: 188 euros (50% off for ZYQ Instructors with a valid certificate period)
  • Certificate: 108 euros
  • The right of Using ZY Qigong first level teaching animation video: 108 euros. Included: The Chaild praying to Buddha, The hands of Buddha Observing Images, The Sacred (Immortal) Crane Drinking Water, The Devine Dragon stiring Sea, the Big tree one, Refine Qi, the Microcosmic orbit.
  • Residents of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan can pay in rubles.

The Eight Principles of ZY Qigong

  1. Intentional practice, unintentional success
  2. Cultivating truth through falsehood, creating something out of nothing
  3. There is no fixed practice, no fixed teacher
  4. No time, No space
  5. Yin Yang concept of life and death
  6. Jing QI Shen Life Model and concept
  7. Sky Earth Human universe view
  8. Five levels of ZY Qigong achievement: Relaxation, Calmness, Pause, Wisdom, and Truth



USA, Canada - registration by mail: xumingtang@gmail.com
Europe, Ukraine and other countries - registration by mail: zyq2021info@gmail.com
Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan - whatsapp registration +79172340177

Registration process:

  1. Write a letter in accordance with the region of residence, indicating in the title of the letter «ZY Qigong Teaching Art, Level 1» and include your details:

    • first Name, Last Name;
      • City, country;
      • cell phone number
      • Attach a photo of your instructor certificate (for those claiming a 50% discount).
  2. In response to your letter, you will be sent the details for payment of the fee - 188 euros (and 50% of the cost for ZYQ Instructors with a valid certificate period).

  3. Pay the fee and send a payment confirmation to the same address where you registered. After that, you will be given a link to a group of seminar participants in the Telegram messenger.
  4. Links for participation in the seminar (zoom, youtube, and recordings of classes) will be posted in this telegram group during and after the seminar.

Also in the plans of Xu Mingtang is a cycle of regular free online classes on Thursdays.
For more information about these classes, see ]]>the ZYQ forum]]>

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