Shaolin Retreat 2024

Shaolin Retreat 2024

Shaolin Retreat 2024 led by Grand-Master Xu Mingtang

First group 18 July – 7 August

18.07 – 07.08 (21 days)
18.07 – check-in at Beijing Ziyu Hotel.
19.07 – train to Shaolin
20.07–03.08 – retreat
4.08 – train to Beijing
5-6.08 – free time in Beijing
7.08 – check-out from the hotel

Cost: 21000 RMB

Second group 10 August – 2 September. Only for personal students

Registration of participants in the second group is closed!

10.08 - 02.09 (24 days)
10.08 – transfer from Zhengzhou to Dharma Hotel
11.08–01.09 – retreat
02.09 – check-out from the hotel

Cost: 22000 RMB

Team Contact information:

Team Manager:
WhatsApp: +79026716272
Wechat: StepanovAlex

Team members:
WhatsApp: +79533394525

Tel (+86)18510578030
Wechat: ic0616

Tel: 15210530797 (China)
Wechat: tishtria
WhatsApp: +380682395199

Registration for the retreat

For registration send the following information to the organizer:
1. Scan (photo) of your passport. Buy tickets only for the passport with which you will travel, its validity period must be at least 6 months from the date of submitting documents for a visa.
2. Which group are you registering for, the First or the Second (the second is for personal students only).
3. The option of staying at the hotel is single or double. A double room is included in the price of the retreat, a surcharge will be required for a single room, its size will be announced later. For double occupancy, you can specify the neighbor you want to live with.

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