Zhong Yuan Qigong. The second stage of Ascent: Quietness

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ISBN-13: 978-1456322373

Zhong Yuan Qigong. The second stage of Ascent: Quietness

By Mingtang Xu and Tamara Martynova

This is the second book on Zhong Yuan Qigong (ZYQ) from the series of “Enter Your Inner World”.

ZYQ has a seven thousand year-old linage and represents the wisdom and knowledge of Qigong Masters from many generations. It belongs to the highest levels of Qigong art for improving health and self development. It can be called “a simple science of life” because you can learn what Life is in its wide meaning, how to get especial abilities and what is your mission. From this book you will be acquainted with the way of practicing Tao and De; methods for development your soul; get information about fate and karma, temptations and seductions, and how to pass “Devil’s Gates”.

This book also includes exercises describing how to practice the middle Dan Tian, four methods of body breathing; regulating the functions of your internal organs according Wuxing theory and a number of healing exercises. You can learn here how to diagnose with your body and treat with the help of breathing and a Yin-Yang ball.

This book is recommended for general readers, and for qigong practitioners.