Xu Mingtang Coming to Oklahoma!

Xu Mingtang Coming to Oklahoma!

Oklahoma City, OK JUNE 3 – 11, 2016 offers the amazing opportunity to study with Zhong Yuan Qigong Grandmaster and lineage holder Prof. Xu Mingtang.

As described by Xu Mingtang, Zhong Yuan Qigong is a simple science of life. It is the art of self-development, and this is the highest level of art. The ZYQ system is compatible with any other system that is built on the principles of man’s development and the harmonizing of his evolution with the general laws of Cosmos and the general evolution of the Universe.

Please join us and other students from around the country for a week, or a few days, of immersion into the teachings of this 7000 year old practice.

We will learn:

June 3-7
The ancient philosophy and practice of ZY Qigong and how it can help us when applied to our modern way of life, as well as the healing art of ZY Qigong Image Medicine that, thanks to Prof. Xu Mingtang, has reclaimed it’s place in TCM
June 8-9
ZYQ level 4 (must have completed Level 3 or participated in the June 3-7 portion of the retreat)
June 10
Personal students time for those who wish to become a personal student of Xu Mingtang, and meet the criteria, as well as for existing students.
June 11
Morning practice and prepare for checkout by 11:00am

More information including exact location, detailed program, prices, (we are striving to make prices comparable to past retreats) etc., will be announced at the end of March with registration beginning in April 2016.

Contact email for this event: kchat10@gmail.com

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