Семинар Мастера Сюй Минтана по Медицине Мыслеобразами в Греции 27-28 февраля 2015 г.

Семинар Мастера Сюй Минтана по Медицине Мыслеобразами в Греции 27-28 февраля 2015 г.

Греческая корпорация китайской медицины впервые в Греции организует семинар Грандмастера Сюй Минтана по Медицине Мыслеобразами.
Медицина Мыслеобразами (ММ) развивает и совершенствует древний метод диагностики традиционной китайской медицины – пульсовую диагностику и развивает метод “внутреннего видения образов” выдающегося целителя – Бьен Чуэ. ММ имеет высокую точность диагностики и эффективность в лечении трудноизлечимых заболеваний, не требует специального оборудования и лекарственных средств, относится к натуральной медицине.
Прочитать подробнее о Медицине Мыслеобразами

Некоторые из тем этого семинара:
- Теория Медицины Мыслеобразами
- Методы открытия 3-го глаза
- Использование чувствительности ладоней для энергетической диагностики пациента
- Энерго-диагностика по пульсу
- Методы лечения
- Демонстрация диагностики и лечения методами Медицины Мыслеобразами

Место проведения: Афины, Отель Parthenon Makri 6, 11742 Athens ((+30) 210 9234594 info@airotel.gr)
Стоимость: 300 евро (200 евро для студентов)
Время проведения: 27-28 февраля 2015
27.02.2015 (пятница) 16:00-21:00
28.02.2015 (суббота) 09:00-14:00

Контакты для получения дополнительной информации: info@hccm.gr Тел: 0030-2107700104
Внимание! Информация предварительная, возможны изменения.

Image Medicine Seminar in Athens

Hellenic Corporation of Chinese Medicine is organizing for the first time in Greece a seminar for Image Medicine by Grandmaster Xu Mingtang.

Xu Mingtang is the current Grandmaster and lineage holder of Zhong Yuan Qigong, a system that is thousands of years old. He comes from an ancient Shamanic and Kungfu family closely associated with the Shaolin monastery.

One of the foremost teachers and healers in Chinese medicine today, he has taught the ZY Qigong system to more than 40,000 students in at least 17 countries, and he supervises clinics throughout the world.

Image Medicine is a new and unique advanced discipline in medical science, which has its theoretical system, which has been created consequently of revival and development of diagnostic and treatment methods of the ancient ingenious Chinese healers Bien Chue and Hua Tuo. IM based on the diagnosis of diseases through examination and treatment, based on the vision and changes of image, as well as a result of the integration of modern medicine knowledge, quantum physics and other natural sciences.

Image Medicine – this is the science engaged in preventive and curative activity. In the process of applying the creative thinking in practice, transmission and perception of information, the practitioner discovers his own abilities to visualize images and transfer information with help of images. During the pulse diagnosis and examination of the patient, Image therapist make a diagnostics of internal organs images, structures and functions of organism. After obtaining and analyzing images, Image therapist treats patient - change wrong, pathological images into right images.

Image Medicine, as a new discipline in the field of medicine, deserves more and more attention and confidence of the people around the world. Its scientific theory, unique, simple and effective methods of treatment without causing pain to the patient and without side effects, the availability of training, deserve the attention of scientific and medical communities. Top leadership of the Kremlin, the White House trust Image Medicine. It also has acknowledgement at the Ministry of Health of Russia and the USA. In the mass media around the world have repeatedly mentioned about the Image Medicine. Chinese Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine pays great attention to the Image Medicine, and also successfully carry out activities to promote it among the population. In Chinese newspapers “Health News”, “Time of Science” and “Chinese Medicine” published an article on Image Medicine.

Image Medicine includes three parts: theory, system of diagnostics and treatment system. Image Medicine based on such methods and theories of ancient healers Bien Chue and Hua Tuo, as the “inner vision”, “diagnosis with vision”, “image pulse diagnosis”, “the image of the internal organs.”
Image Medicine is a product of integration of energy, information, physical and traditional Chinese medicines. It pays special attention to the regenerative function of the body. Applying energy, information, causal diagnosis it is possible precisely determine the location, nature and cause of the disease. During the diagnostics, experts pay attention not only for the external symptoms of the disease, but also on the internal, thereby achieving mastery of the ancient great doctor Bien Chue who performed the diagnostics “at a glance”.

Image Medicine has specific diagnostic methods, which are enhanced form of Chinese pulse diagnosis. These diagnostics has upwards level, as it allows you to see the image of the internal organs through the pulse. Unhealthy image, obtained by such a “vision” and “image pulse diagnosis”, is subject to change and treatment.
Image Medicine uses only the most important and basic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Therefore, students can easily learn Image Medicine and apply its methods in practice, it is easy to understand its basics and teach others. Diagnostics and treatment methods of Image Medicine are simple, painless, harmless, no side effects and reactions. Many years of clinical tests confirm the diagnosis precision and treatment effectiveness of Image Medicine methods, as well as high cure rates of disease. During twenty years of clinical research and application of Image Medicine methods in practice in Russia, the United States, Canada, Germany, Brazil, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, the United Arab Emirates, Slovakia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Romania and others, have been cured about ten thousands of patients with various incurable diseases, there was a good effect in the treatment.

Image Medicine is effective in treating the following diseases: chronic bronchitis, asthma, chronic nephritis, intervertebral hernia in different parts of the spine, brief cessation of breathing during sleep, impotence, various genital inflammation, chronic prostatitis, prostatic hypertrophy, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts; chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, chronic gastritis, chronic enteritis, Crohn’s disease, eye disease, hypertension, myocardial infarction, atherosclerosis, myocardial ischemia, cerebral palsy, arrhythmia, primary pulmonary hypertension and so on.

Image Medicine develops and improves an ancient method of the diagnostics of Traditional Chinese Medicine - pulse diagnostics and develops a method of “inner vision of images” of outstanding healer – Bien Chue, has a high precision in the diagnostics and effectiveness in the treatment of most intractable diseases, requires no special equipment and medicines, is a natural medicine.

Some of the topics of this Image Medicine Seminar
• Image Medicine Theory
• Opening the 3rd eye techniques
• Using the hands to perceive the human energy field
• Energy pulse
• Therapeutic techniques
• Demonstration of image medicine diagnosis and treatment

For more information: info@hccm.gr Tel:0030-2107700104
Cost: 300 euro (200 euro for students)
Teacher: Grandmaster Xu Minntang
Dates: 27-28 February 2015
Time: Friday 27 16:00-21:00, Saturday 09:00-14:00
Venue: ]]>Parthenon Hotel Makri 6, 11742 Athens]]>((+30) 210 9234594 info@airotel.gr)

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