On-line ZYQ Instructors’ Courses for English Speakers to Upgrade of Teaching Level

On-line ZYQ Instructors’ Courses for English Speakers to Upgrade of Teaching Level

On April 19 –21, Tamara Martynova will conduct online refresher courses for instructors who wish to upgrade their ZYQ teaching Level.

Students who do not need to receive certificates and pass exams, but want to refresh their knowledge of theoretical content and practice stages II and III can also participate (only after learning Stages I - III).

The Program of the Courses

  1. Repetition the Preliminary exercises of stage I.
  2. Practicing of all the exercises from stage II and III.
  3. Practicing main mantra of ZYQ.
  4. Discussion of how to form a program for club classes and marathons.
  5. Passing the exam on practice and discussion of how to pass a written exam.


  • 115 Euro - to upgrade the level of practice + 108 Euro for the Certificate;
  • 70 Euro - to refresh the knowledge on stages II and III.

The form of payment for courses is carried out by transfer to a card or current account, which will be sent to you after registration.

The Schedule

April 19-20 from 10 am to 7 pm (Kiev time). Lunch from 1.30 pm to 3 pm, and 2 breaks of 15 min before and after lunch time.

April 21 from 10 am to 2 pm, break of 15-20 min. at about 12 am.

Requirements for receiving an instructors Certificate

for Levels II and III

• You must be registered as ZYQ instructor on the official website of the Zhong Yuan Qigong School of Master Xu Mingtang www.zyq108.com
From the time of registration on this website as an instructor of the stage I or II, at least 2 years must pass since your first seminar on the corresponding stage; at least 10 seminars must be held, and at least 100 students must be trained in this stage.
• Information of your seminars should be published on the website of your country’s association.
• There should be no arrears in payment of the annual fee from instructors and contributions to the Fund after stage II.
• You must be able to correctly practice and explain all the exercises described in ZYQ
books on Stages II or III. Videos for all stages can be free viewed on YouTube, so you can correct your exercise practice according to them.
• It is necessary to pass a written examination and practice.


Phone/Viber: +38067 408 4178; +38067 507 2885
E-mail: Lds898@gmail.com ; timartynova@gmail.com


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