Shaolin Retreat 2018. Registration and Schedule.

Shaolin Retreat 2018. Registration and Schedule.


What is a retreat? The word “retreat” comes from the English “retreat” - a refuge, shelter, a place for solitude and self-development.

The Shaolin Retreat is a unique experience of immersing yourself in a deep state of silence for students who practice meditation and practice in the Zhong Yuan Qigong system. The Shaolin Monastery is a place of power that different from any other places. For many centuries Shaolin monastery remains a place for deep meditation practice, Chan Buddhism, martial art of Gun-Fu to many great Masters and their disciples.

Morning practices and meditations performed during the retreat are aimed at calming the mind, getting rid of annoying thoughts and maintaining consciousness in a quiet state. This allows you to begin researching your own inner world, which is deep, versatile and complex system. When immersed in the depths of your consciousness, you will find many beautiful, pleasant, and sometimes very difficult moments. If you continue to practice meditation, you will be able to experience a feeling that is beyond the bounds of ordinary happiness.

Practice of Qigong has a positive effect on human health. It allows you to find the balance of Yin-Yang, open energy channels and remove energy blocks. As a result of practice, it is possible to say goodbye to many chronic health problems, to find peace and begin to live in harmony with oneself. Retreat can remove the harmful effects of circumstances, emotions and stress in the person.

When immersed in themselves, people stop to think about worries, businesses, deeds and obligations and suddenly new and unexpected prospects of creativity open up, fresh creative ideas come up, seemingly impossible tasks are resolved, something like “enlightenment” occurs in the mind. A person feels a surge of energy, everything becomes extremely clear and understandable, tormented questions that puzzled you for a long time have been cleared and answered.

We can say, that in a few weeks you get a “system reboot” - cleaning up unnecessary information and structuring the accumulated knowledge and experience in order to use them most effectively. The retreat is recommended to practice at least twice a year.


During the retreat there two daily routines are used. The Usual and the Bi Gu Shi Qi schedule:

1. The usual daily routine (the first and last days of retreat).

Morning practice at the gates of the Shaolin monastery. Preparation exercises, Shaolin massage, exercises to gather Qi and “Big tree”. Each day, there will be 4 lessons devoted to the theory and practice of Zhong Yuan Qigong, which last for 2-3 hours with breaks for rest and meals. Classes are held from 9 am to 10 pm.

2. Bi Gu Shi Qi schedule routine.

During the practice of Bigu ShiQi, the participants of the retreat switch eating to fruits diet and as they practice, eventually refusal to eat is a result.
In the process of practice, the human body is transformed and begins to work on more thin energies. If correctly practiced , you activate the special abilities of the body, which make possible to receive energy for vital activity directly from the surrounding environment.

Morning practice start at the gates of the Shaolin Monastery begins at 5.30 in the morning. Perform preparation exercises, Shaolin massage, exercises for gathering Qi and “Big tree exercise “.

Every day, in the morning and in the evening, there will be two 4-hour sessions devoted to the theory and practice of Zhong Yuan Qigong. Classes allow you to go deeper into a quite state. During a mid-day break, retreat participants can visit various temples and places of power in Shaolin Monastery area. The lists of places you should visit are sent to each participant of the Shaolin retreat. You shell print it and bring it with you.

Trip to Songshan and Three Emperors mountains are planned at the beginning of the retreat. The hiking trip lasts about 6-8 hours, depending on the speed of the ascent. You need comfortable shoes, a hat from the sun, change clothes with a short sleeve shirt and a duster coat or windbreaker.

If you wish you can book an excursion to Luoyang at end of the retreat. Luoyang city is 2 hours away by bus from Shaolin. During this excursion, you visit the legendary “Long Men” grottoes and White Horse Temple, where Buddhist sutras were brought from India for the first time and were translated into Chinese. There are 2,100 grottoes, tens of thousands of statues of Buddha and more than forty Buddhist pagodas as well as a large number of stone stables.

Practice is conducted systematically and consistently. Master gives explanations and advice on how to solve possible problems and obstacles in meditation. Please listen and think about what you heard. Then you have an opportunity to experiment, trying everything upon yourself. Shaolin Retreat is a place where you can verify in real time what is good and right for you and what is not. Only after you have your own experience, you can with confidence accept or reject given ancient knowledge and practice.

If you practice other techniques of meditation, we ask you to step back from them during the retreat. It is important not to confuse different methods and approaches. Retreat is designed to teach people the practice of Zhong Yuan Qigong, if you attend a retreat for the purpose of training another meditation or practice then this is not the right place for it.


Meditation Retreat ZYQigong is a somewhat unusual event, although everyday meditation is quite normal. The large group of people should get along, connected with each other in a completely new way. Here we are united by the common experience of meditation with all of its sufferings and joys, discoveries and disappointments. During retreat our life is built around a common goal, rather than the self-interest of the modern world. To maintain harmony in group, we must agree to comply with certain conditions. Most important things to remember that this is a “quiet” retreat, you shell follow the schedule, do not use perfume or other smelling means, observe advice and remember about safety.


During the retreat: Please show respect and understanding, awareness and wisdom to other participants , you get a lot of information, you can write down everything if you think is necessary for you on paper, but we ask you not to record the retreat on video.


As mentioned earlier, we will hold not complicated schedule. We ask you to take part in all meditations and listen to each lecture; follow the instructions of the Master. There will be enough time to wash clothes, take shower, think and analyze your experience gained in scheduled breaks.


As mentioned earlier, we will hold not complicated schedule. We ask you to take part in all meditations and listen to each lecture; follow the instructions of the Master. There will be enough time to wash clothes, take shower, think and analyze your experience gained in scheduled breaks.For comfort and convenience during meditation, please wear loose and light clothes (but not transparent). We also ask that your clothes be clean. During the retreat, there is no need to wear jewelry and other types of jewelry, be simpler and more natural.


Meditation on the retreat does not require any special physical training, but psychological workout can be hampered by poor health. If you have a back, neck, knees pain, or other unpleasant sensations in your hips during meditation, please contact our doctors or massage therapists so that they can help you finding a way out of the problematic situation. If you have prescribed drugs that you need to take regularly, they must be taken with you to the retreat). It is possible that due to climate and food change, there could be worsening of your disease symptoms. In case of an emergency there are well-equipped hospitals and professional staff are always available in a nearby city. (20 min drive)


The usual schedule for breakfast, lunch and dinner offers mostly Chinese cuisine. You can choose the dishes you like as it is a buffet system. with fruits and vegetables, meat and fish. In small shops in the territory of the retreat you can buy drinks and snacks. The whole group eats at the same time. We are not able to accommodate special menu for individual with vegetarian or non-vegetarian menu request. Also there is no place to store or refrigerate food in case you bring food with you. In advance, I’m sorry for any inconvenience.


Hotel “Dharma” is offered as a primary accommodation facility which is located on the territory of the Wushu school and as part of it. Rooms are based on double occupancy for 2 people in a room with a bathroom and shower. The room has 2 beds, 2 bedside tables, clothes hanger, table, TV, 2 armchairs, stool, electric kettle and air conditioning. Living conditions are very simple. For an additional fee, you can stay in a hotel with better living conditions.

Smoking and alcohol

Cigarettes and alcohol well known toxic substances which intoxicate the body.
Cigarettes and alcohol interfere with meditation and your natural relaxation.
It is necessary to refrain from smoking and drinking any alcohol for the duration of the retreat.

One Advanced Group this year

Dates: From August 4 to August 31, 2018 (for four weeks)

Cost: 20,300 Yuan (can be paid in US Dollars or Euros, based on exchange rate as of 4th August 2018. All payment is accepted in cash at the date of arrival. Additional payment for accommodation is accepted in Shaolin upon accommodation.).

Detailed Program Schedule

4th August: Arrival to Beijing

Arrival to Beijing, registration of participants. Check-in time is noon. Kang Ming Hotel is next to Kundawell Institute building. Retreat participants should arrange their own transport from the airport to the hotel (detailed information regarding Beijing taxi service and other useful information will be available for you after the registration).

Meeting at the airport will be organized only for large groups of participants arriving at about the same time. We will notify you about which flights the bus will be organized for.

If you arrived at the hotel before 12:00 and are not ready to pay extra for 1 day of accommodation, then be prepared to wait until noon until the rooms are vacated. About your desire to check in at the hotel before 4 August 12:00, you must inform the organizers in advance by e-mail:

Hotel (Kang Ming Hotel, near Kundawell Institute) rooms available:

Room Description Cost
Double room 2 persons included in retreat price
Single room 1 person additional payment 200 yuan/night

5th August: Travel to Shaolin

The majority of the group travels by train (around 3 hours in the comfortable high-speed train). You need to send the copy of your passport to our e-mail address as soon as possible (at least one month before arrival) and present your passport (the original document) to organizers not later than 2 p.m. August 4th. We need your passport to buy the train ticket for you. Check out time from the hotel is at 9.00 a.m. Arrival at Shaolin area is planned around 4.30 p.m. The trip by train to Zhengzhou takes about 3 hours, the bus-ride from Zhengzhou to Shaolin takes about 2 hours. We will check in and have a dinner at Shaolin around 6 o’clock.

ATTENTION : If you do not have one passport, please: send us a scan of the passport with which you will come to China with Chinese visa for registration and purchase of tickets! If you give us another passport in Beijing, you will be left without a ticket.

If you plan to fly from Beijing by plane, purchase tickets to Zheng Zhou (flight CA1325, Departure at 14.55), the transfer from Zheng Zhou to Shaolin, carried out by yourself. Departure from the hotel on August 5 will need to be until 12.00.

6 - 28th August: Intensive training.

Classes will start on August 6th, at 3 PM after lunch.

Retreat ends on August 28th, at 6 PM.

Accommodations in Shaolin

Hotel Dharma (old simple hotel)
(Due to the limited number of places in this hotel, only two people in room option is available).

Double Room two people included in retreat price

Please note that Hotel Dharma also has rooms with 3-and 4-beds.

Hotel “Business Hotel” (new hotel)
(It is also possible to stay together and singly).

Room Accommodation Cost
Double room two people Included in the cost of retreat
Double room Single accommodation surcharge 90 yuan / day

Shankyu Hotel (a new hotel, with improved conditions)
(It is also possible to stay together and singly).

Room Accommodation Cost
Double room two people surcharge 40 yuan / per day / per person
Double room Single accommodation surcharge of 150 yuan / per day

August 29: Return to Beijing by train

Check out time from the hotel is 29 August, at 6.00 a.m. We will have a bus-ride to Zhengzhou train station; the entire group travels to Beijing by train. It takes 3 to 3,5 hours to get from Zhengzhou to Beijing by train. Arrival to the hotel is planned around 2 p.m. August 29.

If you fly by plane (tickets you buy yourself, flight CA 1332) to Beijing, departure to Zheng Zhou Airport on August 29 at 5:00 am and arrival in Beijing around 11:00.

August 29: Free Day in Beijing & Banquet

In the evening at 7:30 p.m. we will have a banquet/party to honor the completion of the retreat, including dinner at Kundawell.

August 30: Beijing

Free day for shopping, or visits to temples, Beijing baths complex, etc.
List of attractions will be provided to each retreat participant.

August 31: Departure
Check out by noon.

Please Note: If you will arrive Beijing before noon on August 4, or want to stay later than noon on August 31, you have to separately purchase accommodations at the hotel in Beijing.


Registration by reference will be available from April 12, 13:00 Beijing time!


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