ZY Qigong Retreat with Grandmaster Xu Mingtang

Memorial Day Weekend, May 27-31, 2011
Running Springs (Lake Arrowhead), California

This annual ZY Qigong retreat offers a space and time to either begin your experience with ZY Qigong or to go deeper under the guidance of Grandmaster Xu.
"To achieve ultimate relaxation, all three systems in a person need to be integrated: physical, energy and mental.
You have achieved relaxation physically when energy flows easily in your body.
You have achieved relaxation in your energy when there is no resistance in your energy flow.
You have achieved relaxation mentally when the mind stops.

At this five-day retreat, you may learn to stop the busy mind."

- Grandmaster Xu Mingtang
What is it?

Located in the beautiful and serene setting of the Los Angeles mountains, this retreat offers an all-inclusive weekend of relaxation, meditation, Qigong learning and practice, led by one of the greatest Qigong masters with us today, Grandmaster Xu.

For those new to Qigong (or new to ZYQ or ZY Qigong), the retreat provides an opportunity to experience first-hand the healing, informational, and transformative power of Qigong and the Grandmaster. We will have Qigong and Tai Chi instructors on hand to offer optional complimentary sessions throughout the day.

For existing ZYQ students, it provides an opportunity to study and practice under the guidance of Grandmaster Xu and to build a bond with the greater Qigong community.
Who should attend?

ZYQ Retreat 2010, in Portland, OR
If you are just curious about ZY Qigong, this retreat will give you a chance to answer the questions you might have and to experience it first hand.

For existing students, especially those planning to go to Shaolin, China, this retreat is a good preparation for deeper practice.

The energy and teachings passed on by Grandmaster Xu cannot be described. They must simply be experienced.

People from all walks of life join us for this peaceful, mindful, and relaxing get-away. In the past, we've had
Spiritual development seekers: Explore the mind, consciousness and other spiritual matters.
Energy and spirit healers: Develop healing power and diagnostic abilities.
Health seekers: Learn to regulate and strengthen your physical, energetic and spiritual immune systems.
Professionals: from attorneys to surgeons and students.
What are we going to do?

Practicing Tai Chi at 2010 ZYQ Retreat
Grandmaster Xu tailors his teaching to the attendees' needs and abilities. Some things that we may learn are:
Achieve a deeper calm state
Absorb, generate and feel the flow of Qi.
Balance and strengthen the Qi system
Practice ZYQ exercises such as Big Tree Standing Meditation, Refining Qi, Small Microcosmic Orbit, etc.
Improve sensitivity for spiritual development and healing and learn energy diagnosis and healing.