Details to pay for the events of the Master in Kiev in September 2019.

To get the information about possible ways of payment we ask the residents of other countries to address the following contacts


Ilona Alexeeva
Please, call in advance: 29219964
Tuesday 18-21
Wednesday 18-21
Friday 10-13
Saturday 10-13
Address: Marupe, Malinu 27-3
(Māliņuiela 27, 3.mājas daļa.Braukt: pa Lieloielu, tad nogrieztuzLībiešuielu, kurapārrietMāliņuielā) or in Riga, on Mondays 18-21, address: Sadovnikova str. 20.


Baiba Bieza, tел. +37061009820


Tretyák Ludmilla, tел. +36 20 9473787


Andrea Vlckova, tел. 0905611991

For those, who can’t solve the question of payment in the ways mentioned above and who live in other countries, to complete the registration, please, send us the copy of your travel document on e-mail: or Viber, WhatsApp +380674084178 .
In reply to your e-mail you’ll get the registration number. In this case you may pay for each event (retreat, IM seminar or conference) directly in Kiev during the registration, and then receive the ticket according your registration number.

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