1 ступень - Ksenia - 13.03.2010

1 ступень
13 марта 2010 г. 11:00
150 USD

First level of ZY Qigong is intended for everyone, from absolute beginners to experienced meditators. We will learn the basics of Qigong and energy theory, and will work on developing our bodies and minds through understanding, meditation, and exercises.

This workshop will last 2 weeks, meeting twice per week, totaling approximately approximately 12-15 hours of instructions and practice. There will also be homework for the days that we do not practice together.

Workshop agenda:

QiGong theory. Energy. Gathering, storing, and using it. About Karma, the Universe, and the soul.

Physical exercises. All ZY QiGong exercises work on physical level, helping improve your health, but also continue to the energetic and spiritual levels. We will learn each aspect of the exercise as we practice it.

Meditations. We sill start with easy 10 minute meditations and work our way up to 40 minutes, or whatever would work best for the group. You will have music and other techniques to help you meditate.

Medical QiGong. Diagnosis and healing. We will use the workshops to develop our sensitivity and extra-sensory abilities, and then apply these in the medical aspect.

Specific workshop agenda will be tailored to the participants’ needs and interests. Questions are welcome and encouraged.

After the workshop, you’ll be ready to practice either on your own or with our group.

Cost: $150 for the entire workshop, this includes about 15 hrs of instructions and assisted practice, two CDs with music designed specifically for Qigong practice, handouts of all of the covered materials, and the traditional Chinese tea ceremony at the end. Decide if you want to stay after the end of the first day.

Any ZYQ repeat students receive a 50% discount.

Workshop Schedule:
Saturday March 13th, 2 hrs, 11am
Sunday, March 14th, 2hrs, 11am
Week of March 15th, 2 hrs
Saturday, March 20, 3 hrs, 10am
Sunday, March 21, 3 hrs, 10am
Conclusion (we’ll pick a date as a group) - 2 hrs, Diagnosis & healing followed by a traditional Chinese tea ceremony.

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